Steps to Organic -program

Steps to Organic is a program for private and public professional kitchens of all sizes, intended to help to increase the use of organic products as a part of sustainable development. The programs allows for advancing towards using organic foods at the companies own pace. Organizations taking part are charged a annual fee as well as an initial registration fee.

Annual fees (Costs per organization)

1. class (50 000 meals/year or less)    125 €
2. class (50 000 - 200 000 meals/year)  310 €
3. class (200 000 meals/year or more)  620 €
4. More than 200 restaurant in the organization 1 050 €

Current VAT (24 %) is added to these prices.

For new enrollers, in addition to the annual fee, a singular registration fee of 110 e (+VAT %) is collected. This includes all approvals for the registration, Organic-star sticker (access to step 2. is grounds for the first star sticker) and counselling with regards to joining the programs.

Six steps

The program has six steps, and by advancing their use of organic foods the kitchens gradually raise in the ranks. It is possible to join the program at any of the steps.

The program offers:
•    visibility in the restaurant search engine on the program web pages
•    information about the availability of organic products suitable for professional kitchen use
•    materials for customer information and liaisons use
•    information about organic production
•    peer support from other kitchens taking part

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Terms of the program